Food and Gardens

After years of stagnation in house and yard, we made progress in the garden, and the flower beds are much neater and prolific. And now, we are making progress in the house, as evidenced by the (recycled/reclaimed) green carpet in the living room that should help us keep a little warmer this winter. The piano […]

Autumn Begins: The Garden Matures

As Autumn begins in the Pacific Northwest there are certain things that we expect such as smoke from scattered wildfires and a gradual shift from the dark greens of the surrounding forest to a golden hue as willows and indian plum trees at the margins respond to the fading light. There are some things that, […]

Vacations, Dreaming, End-of-Summer-Time

Summer is almost gone, in our world. Astronomically, we have at least another month. Realistically, two weeks. If we are lucky, an “Indian Summer” in October for three or four weeks before the clouds close in permanently and the rains wash all the remnants of sunlight away. A week ago, I was in “Beautiful British […]

Two Days in the Garden

More garden progress, and activities, and fun! Yesterday (Tuesday) we kid-sat for my friend Reyna. Her kids are a LOT of fun. I didn’t take pictures because we were so busy, but trust me. There doesn’t exist a cuter entering kindergartner or a more capable big brother. We played Bocce Ball, “Spy Alley” and watched […]

Updates: Garden and Life

It was a very wet week. Apparently we have already surpassed, halfway through the month, the previous record rainfall for the entire month. I had an unexpected chance to sub for a friend on Friday, and it went from raining sideways to full sun in half an hour. Yesterday was similarly wet, rainy-snowy-haily alternating with […]

Chicken Soup and the End of Winter?

Chicken soup on the stovetop, simmering away. Love the smell of garlic, chicken, herbs… a wonderful backdrop to a late winter afternoon. Today has been alternately sunny and rainy, warm (for the time of year) and chilly enough that the rain changed briefly to snow. We are on the lookout for snow overnight as well, […]

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