Snow Day

Today we woke to snow.  No school for one, late start for the other child.  My volunteering for the day was scratched, of course. I didn’t take any pictures today — I think there will be snow again this year.  The way the weather has been, I rather expect more like this, more regularly than […]

Surreal Week (and did I mention the rain?)

Last Sunday, we watched the tail end of the snow from the previous day melt. Monday, heavy rain had water rushing over the highway that runs parallel to the road I usually take to get into town…  and then over the road itself.  When I passed by, it wasn’t too alarming, but apparently later in […]

Take Note

I am going to start a new category on my blog. Sometimes, as I am reading “stuff” I see things that I don’t really want to blog about, but I think you would find interesting. Here, you will discover quotes, articles or other things that generally fall into one of the categories I often write […]

More Environmental stuff

Check out a few more links I found or rediscovered since posting yesterday’s blog piece… Planet in Peril from CNN, a series on how climate change and other ecological concerns are affecting the world. is a social networking site with many places you can explore for ideas on ecologically sound living. Email groups, networking […]

Blog Action Day: The Environment…

So many things a person could write about, I spent all weekend thinking and working on this post. Here is my meagre contribution to this month’s Blog Action Day. Of course, we all know by now that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize was given out to people who have been working on Environmental Issues (Global […]

Blog Action Day October 15

On October 15, bloggers around the world will be focused on one issue:  the environment. Where will you be? I know where I’ll be…   after a morning in first grade, I’ll be blogging about this topic as yet only roughly defined!   You’ll see that for this post, merely introducing the topic I have chosen […]

Yep. Rainiest Month, EVER!

Ever, ever, ever — since they started keeping records in Washington state NO month has has more precipitation than this one. It’s almost over, but it’s still raining. So what? Along with other climate change things, this has the potential to really impact the quality of life, and in some places the quantity of life. […]

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