NaPoWriMo Twenty-eighth Post

The rain gently washing the new-bought gravel ready for the paths and the patios gray as clouds and varied as the blooms on springtime trees. The rain, gently falling anoints the geriatric maples the fecund lilacs and all the ornamental filigree. The rain, again and again first rainbow then shadow and shade with golden edges. […]

Just leaving to do yardwork…

and it started pouring down HAIL. Big, loud, dropping like marbles from angry thunderclouds. The parking lot at the apartment in town is white with hard pellets and deep in water. For the record, I think we have had rain for at least part of every day since the first week of April. The news […]

Rainbows and pots of gold

We get rain here. A lot. And frequently. It is rarely torrential, thankfully, but it leaves us feeling soggy a good bit. Because our rain exists as a “state of being” for months at a time, rainbows are fairly uncommon most times of the year. When they do show up, they can be hard to […]

March: in like a lamb… (for the Salish Sea)

Friday night when I got home I noticed a pair of daffodils almost blooming by the edge of the driveway. Yesterday, they were in bloom, and today they have been joined by some of the daffodils under the medlar. There have been several years when our weather was contrary to the weather in other parts […]

A month later… Photos of the garden

In the fullness of autumn, we wandered around the yard, putting things more or less in order, getting ready for the long, cool winter. These are pictures from November, when the rains paused long enough to get a bit more done. Pruning the medlar and the biggest fig tree. Running around the yard with a […]

Rain, Sun, Rain, Fog, Rain (sunbreaks), Drizzle…

There is a pattern developing in the weather! Although the forecasters are predicting a drier than normal autumn and winter (which I would rather not have!), for the moment the weather seems mostly to have settled in to a comfortable rhythm. What puzzles me at the moment is that, most years, the bigleaf maples are […]

The long slide into autumn

Last Sunday, it rained. The day was gray, humid to a point, and the overcast made everything seem bluer than normal. I worked on refinishing some picnic furniture, getting a coat of polyurethane on to help it make it through a few more years. As the day wore on, the clouds lowered, settling in near […]

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