Avoiding the brachiosaurs in the room…

The third quarter of our school year is almost at an end. But that’s not what I want to write about. There is a war in Eastern Europe, started by a madman with access to nuclear weapons and a previously demonstrated and re-confirmed complete disregard for the lives and safety of his own citizens, let […]

Today in the Garden (Life with Birds – and Squirrels)

Last Wednesday, while we were out looking for a few last-minute grocery items (eggs, cilantro, etc) we stopped by the local Wild Birds Unlimited (a chain of franchise stores, our local one has been around for a very long time). The people there are always so kind and knowledgeable. Tom had been in a couple […]

Garden in Winter, Heralds of Spring

The garden right now is in that stage between dormancy and exuberance. Here and there, small reminders that Winter is not forever, and Renewal lies around the corner. It has been a strangely dry winter, mostly mild despite the weeklong snow in January. Today, March 4, I took a few pics around the garden. Though […]

Garden Improvement

Well, it only took eleven years, but here is our latest gadget for the garden.  We saw it on sale at woot.com several weeks ago, but it only arrived last week.  Tom and the kiddo finished putting it together Friday night. As you can see, Lucky is very interested in the entire process.  And the […]

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