Garden in Winter, Heralds of Spring

The garden right now is in that stage between dormancy and exuberance. Here and there, small reminders that Winter is not forever, and Renewal lies around the corner. It has been a strangely dry winter, mostly mild despite the weeklong snow in January. Today, March 4, I took a few pics around the garden. Though […]

Passages: Sam Hinton

Sam Hinton. The world will miss you. Though I never had the chance to meet Sam personally, I grew up looking through a book he had written and illustrated on the sea life of the coast of California. I think we all grew up knowing some of his songs. As an adult, I rediscovered him […]

Punxatawney Phooey

I don’t know what the groundhog saw yesterday — my life is so busy, I forgot to check! Still, it does feel that Spring may be in the air in the Pacific Northwest. At least it was for today. Sunny, warm enough to be outside without a hat… The hyacinths under the medlar are already […]

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