It has been unseasonably warm, though the rain yesterday began to make up for the unseasonably dry issue. Today when I awoke, and for several hours, there was blue sky overhead. It was nearly 52 degrees outside before noon. I opened the back door wide to let in the fresh air, and heard the eagles calling to each other. The bulbs that still need planting and moving were calling to me, too.

Two hours of work outside, and the hyacinths and irises that took refuge for almost two years in the veggie garden are ready to be replanted next weekend in the back yard. One more bed, with unknown quantities and types of bulbs, that has the mountain huckleberry and “Lois’ Rose” (gift from her widower after she died) has yet to be cleared, but we are now ready to plant veggies as soon as the soil dries a bit and I have a good soil test back.


Trying to decide where to replant the witchhazel that has survived (barely) two years in a pot… Need to redo the fencing around the veggie garden, too. The gate is solid enough, but there are gaps big enough for an elk so of course the deer enjoy a nice salad occasionally.

This set of pictures were taken today, from several points in the front yard. Moving gradually away from the house, there are bulbs coming up by the fish “puddle” and the patio Grant built last spring looking as if it belongs in the lawn. The quince “japonica” beginning to bloom. The planter under the chestnut tree. A blueberry beginning to bud. The native “Indian plum” as it is known in these parts, “Osoberry” in others (Oemleria cerasiformis) and the fruit trees in the orchard with daffodils underneath. The garden, getting cleared, an over-wintering bok choi and the gardeners.

The house and the edge of the patio Grant built

fish pond with bulbs next to base of lilac

quince japonica with bright pink buds

chestnut tree reflected in waterlogged planter

Blueberry already showing color at tips of branches

Osoberry with bright green buds at tips almost disappears against other shrubs and trees

bulbs coming up under butterfly bush

daffodils at edge of orchard

the garden from above

the orchard trees still sleep

filling a pot with comfrey plant

Lois Rose

witch hazel blooms

center medallion almost bare of strawberries

coldframe with weeds and bok choi

salvaged hyacinths and irises in wheelbarrow

Tom leaning on spading fork

Jenny's Rhubarb

Tom and Grant filling a pot

By the way, need to say how much I appreciate and love the gardeners! They worked tirelessly to pull weeds from the intended planting area, dig and sort the bulbs and corms from the veggie garden, and pulled some of the weeds from there before we were done.