Today in the Garden (Reviving a Series)

I used to try to post a little something from our yard once a week, and whenever new things “popped up.” But after the loss of our home it was too hard to keep ahead of much. I think we have turned a corner this year. At least, I have, and so here for your […]

Summer finally begins for me

I was still recovering from the allergic reaction into the middle of the first week of July. Not fun. But had energy to have a nice dinner for my parents on Sunday the third, which of course wiped me out for the next couple of days. Then, on July 7 I had a chance to […]

Random Musings on my Day

Living is hard work. It is better than the alternative? The answer is: Yes, when you are there. That curious moment in the day when the gray skies pick up the bright green of new life and suffuse creation with an immortal glow. Success! The fledgling finds his wings and starts to fly. What is […]

NaPoWriMo 2015.21

Last gasp of joy the sunlight glinting low off treetops while the black clouds roll in over the hills. Purple lilacs and white viburnum, will you wait? The temperature drops and the winds pick up driving branches, leaves and pedestrians along the road. Gentle apple and billowing cherry, will you wait? Birds call out to […]

Letter to my home on the importance of children

[Draft One, 12 March 2015] Did you know that before you were here, another structure inhabited the land? In the first Act of this land’s existence, there was a deep, varied garden, filled with nut trees and timber trees, with berries, with vines and flowers, and with creatures that depended on them all. Then silence […]

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