Here are the pictures we took of the garden on Tuesday. We have pretty much finished forming the basic shape, and have just to do the “finish work” on the remaining two large beds — leveling and breaking up the larger clods. We are not yet screening the soil, but it will need to be done when we add compost and such next year.

Stidkid digging out the last diagonal path:

the last diagonal path is formed

The other fellows formed mounds for each of the 9 cucurbits (squash and pumpkins):

9 mounds for 9 squash and pumpkin

This final view is from the road, looking through a temporary “low spot” in the vegetation. We’ll be in-filling with some transplanted willows and other natives as it gets toward fall. But right now, it lets me get far enough from the garden that you can see it along a completely different axis. For scale, the tall young man with flowing hair is 5’7″…

from another angle...

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