There is now an official website for the president-elect.


Blog, info, and more. It looks like it will be a good resource for people interested in what is planned, and what is happening.

Many people are worried that the incoming administration will be too liberal… that taxes will go up, that jobs will decline, that government will intrude on our lives. I ask them to consider: where else will the money come from, to pay for the wars the current administration started? Our economy is already in a major recession, as a result of the failed oversight and policies of the current administration. How much more intrusive and McCarthy-like could we be than the so-called PATRIOT act?

Our nation has an opportunity to move forward, to dig itself out of the hole it has gradually dug over the last 30 years, to re-establish itself as a nation of hard-working, innovative people. It has NEVER been easy to pull through economic hard times, to extricate ourselves from wars, to mend political rifts and to trust. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.

I am ready. Are you?

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