President-Elect Obama

There is now an official website for the president-elect. CHANGE.GOV Blog, info, and more. It looks like it will be a good resource for people interested in what is planned, and what is happening. Many people are worried that the incoming administration will be too liberal… that taxes will go up, that jobs will decline, […]

A New Day Dawns

Feeling Hopeful this morning… Here is the text of the acceptance speech that President-elect Barak Obama gave last night. This is an interesting post on squidoo on how to make a good transition between presidents, from someone who was involved in the process last time (I have not had time to read it through completely). […]

Election Night

It appears, from very early returns and exit polls, that Barak Obama will be the 44th president of the United States. This is an historic day. Despite my hating to hear people use this phrase indiscriminately, in this case it is true. The people of the United States appear to have elected a person who […]

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