Since the end of spring quarter, I haven’t been working in the garden.

I haven’t been playing my favorite online game for an hour a day, nor even a half hour on a consistent basis.

I haven’t been reading books “just for fun.”

I haven’t been visiting friends, making phone calls or catching up on correspondence. (sorry)

I haven’t written condolence notes to the families of people who have started the next phase of their journey.

I haven’t spent time just “hanging out” with my kids (though I have made an effort to drive them to and from their activities as much as possible).

I haven’t spent a romantic evening with just Tom (no dog, kids, dogs or distractions).

I haven’t written a new chapter for the Babble story, or journaled, or doodled, or painted or sketched.

I haven’t watched a movie without multitasking (ie, doing homework).

I haven’t slept in, though I have recently taken a couple naps…

I haven’t baked anything, shopped for myself, or sat and done “nothing” but I did manage to get to two museums last week.

Since the first half of the quarter ended at the end of July and two of the classes I was taking were over I have managed to start listening to the Lushootseed lessons I have on tape when I drive.

I have lost a few inches (total) as my gait improves and I walk a little more (but I still need a cane for uneven ground and long distances).

I have made some small progress on the house (after the HUGE progress we made thanks to our friends coming over two weeks ago for a full day’s mucking out).

And, I have managed to keep up with my school work while also (I hope) getting the essential things in place for the meeting that starts next Sunday.

Which is also the day the term paper is due for the online class.

Which reminds me, I need to check some details before I go to sleep.

Two more weeks…

2 Interactions on “What I haven’t been up to…

  1. Thanks for your note! I was zipping through the spam filter just now and caught it before I deleted the whole lot. Wish I had time to try the games on this new site you mention. But… Still so much going on, though I do finally have a bit of time to sit and Babble again. See you in the grid!

  2. Come now, I’ve seen you playing your favorite online game! 😉

    Just discovered your blog via a search for an answer to a riddle question in the Qweb 2 riddle, google gave me a reference to your blog entry where you mention the Goal Organiser site set up by Kate Hudson. I play lots of riddles through my favorite site,

    Small world, isn’t it? Don’t know why I hadn’t seen the link in your Babble profile and tried it already, but I hadn’t.

    Off to read more of your blog. 🙂

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