Nearly done…

with the student teaching for this quarter. So much still to do, but I am looking forward to being able to take a few weeks’ breather beginning the end of November. The students are working on completing their final projects — a formal assessment consisting of a paper and a presentation. I am taking time […]

Autumn Arrives

The “first significant snow” in the mountains. A lot of rain down near Puget Sound. The leaves on the trees, that were so bright this past week, that covered the ground with a warm quilt of color, will soon turn brown and the light will filter through the bare branches. Except for the evergreens, which […]

First day of school 2009

First the elder child — didn’t realize the flash wasn’t flashing until long after he was off to school. I tried to adjust the colors to be less dismal. Hope you can see his “aussie” fashion statement! And then the younger, looking dapper and nonchalant. The flash worked on this one, but the pic is […]

What I haven’t been up to…

Since the end of spring quarter, I haven’t been working in the garden. I haven’t been playing my favorite online game for an hour a day, nor even a half hour on a consistent basis. I haven’t been reading books “just for fun.” I haven’t been visiting friends, making phone calls or catching up on […]

Snow Day

Today we woke to snow.  No school for one, late start for the other child.  My volunteering for the day was scratched, of course. I didn’t take any pictures today — I think there will be snow again this year.  The way the weather has been, I rather expect more like this, more regularly than […]

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