The elder stidkid made it home late Sunday night, from a three-week trip to Australia. While he was away, his best friend/penpal from Tbilisi came to visit, arriving a week before the stidkid came home. So the younger stidkid hosted our friend admirably for a week.

Today, once the sleepy-head awoke (at two in the afternoon!), we went for a quick walk at the McLane Creek Nature Trail in Thurston County. It’s a nice little stroll, and took about 40 minutes, including a couple of stops to just look at something in more depth. We met a friendly shaggy German Shepherd mix and his owner, tasted a cherry from a wild tree (edible, but not palatable), watched a salamander eating some sort of water beetles, and enjoyed the vistas around the beaver pond.

I didn’t have my camera, but our friend lent me his briefly to take a couple of the three musketeers… This was, I think, the best of the bunch.

The tallest is stidkid #2, the smallest is stidkid #1, and the one wearing the Australia shirt is our penpal, G.

click the image for a full-size pic
click the image for a full-size pic

Of course, the trick is to decide which of the three is the tallest — because they are all sitting down and the perspective changes things anyway… which is which?

hint: remember that the further to the back something is, the smaller it appears — the largest in life may be the smallest in a picture.

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