Well, I survived yet another week as a student teacher, taught at least two classes each day, taught all of them a couple of days. With a cold… that turned into the flu. Oh well. Life as a teacher, right? Took today as easy as I could in hopes of feeling 100% tomorrow so I can focus on lesson plans and all.

I think my basic classroom management is improving. I need to get more comfortable with pre-assessing student knowledge and adapting lessons to the students.

Today was misty and clammy in the morning, but resolved well before noon into a bright, warm, sunny day. Tomorrow is not likely to be the same, but I will keep my fingers crossed.

We have broccoli in the garden! Tom took some pics, will post them when I can. The boys are well, the dog is bored, the house is a mess, the yard is acceptable enough for the time of year. Next summer, with no classes to take, I hope to get ahead on all the maintenance.

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