AS in me, being a mother, bragging on my own child.

Proud as I am of the kids, every so often one of them is particularly cute. Here is a pic I took this evening after the Alice in Wonderland performance, he’s posing with his makeup artist! Wish you could see the really amazing silver eyelashes!

stidkid #2 and his makeup artist
The hair is real, the haircolor is fake... the creepy look is natural?!

Yes, I am very proud of my children, and think they are amazing. And every so often, they act as amazing as I think they are!

This particular play, which the stidkid almost decided to NOT participate in, is showcasing his abilities very well. The little video I thought I took with the cellphone didn’t turn out. Will have to try something else tomorrow!

One Interaction on “Mother’s Brag

  1. Well! I hope my “Grand” sons do as well as they appear. If so you and Tom can retire and let them do the tilling. Good, scary pic of the younger. Thank you Grand kids mom!

    No further comments now, but your mother told me you sent pics of our garden as well. Oh that they even approach what how the Stid family looks.

    We’re having a fine time in Quebec eh. Nice people and nice places to see. The walled city promises to be a time warp to Avranch and other wonderful places we’ve seen.

    We hope you are all well and happy. Give Tom and the boys our love and thank Tom for his work with stidkid’s play.



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