Summer finally begins for me

I was still recovering from the allergic reaction into the middle of the first week of July. Not fun. But had energy to have a nice dinner for my parents on Sunday the third, which of course wiped me out for the next couple of days. Then, on July 7 I had a chance to […]

Visiting Friends: A Weekend of Fun

Last Thursday, Mother and I drove up to Port Angeles (again) and took the MV Coho of the Black Ball Line to Victoria (again) and began a short excursion that included Salt Spring Island (again) and Courtenay/Comox (again) and the Saanich peninsula (again). It’s something we enjoy, places that are beautiful, laid-back, filled with kind […]

What really matters

I started this month with every intention of making my goal of 50,000 words for the NaNoWriMo challenge this year. But between working, the conference and this last week when I really couldn’t write, I know I won’t make that goal. And it’s okay. I made it almost to 18,000 words, which would be a […]

Vacation on Vancouver Island

Yesterday, took the Black Ball ferry (MV Coho) to Victoria with Mother. Most rolling crossing ever. The swells were huge, very litlle chop. Not bad, just a little hard to walk with the deck heaving like that. Then a marvelous visit with our dear friend, Hetty. She recommended a book by Henry James, which I […]

Poem a Day April 29, 2012 (bonus poem!)

birthday (for Krista) the moment of recognition the spark of connection the recognition in the moment of connection to the spark we all began somewhere — the day we met our parents, our friends, our community today is the anniversary of some event for every person in the world that shared connection, the experience of […]

Unexpected Gifts

Today was full of unexpected moments: the ease of a task formerly dreaded; the satisfaction of accomplishment; the bewilderment of plans that change; the spontaneous expression of friendship. S gave me a gorgeous butterfly brooch, green and lavender and pink – this is a friend who knows me! Another friend gave me a call, we […]

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