Okay, so I walked through the garden yesterday and today. ALL the plums are gone from the plum tree. All of them. I harvested two (of the several dozen that were there) a couple weeks ago, and now ALL of them have been eaten. Presumptive culprits: deer, raccoons, crows. I am not a happy camper.

Other losses: the large sage plant that I had in a planter next to the driveway has also died. I believe it is due to getting too dry, even though we have had more than average precipitation this year and I didn’t water it much last year. So it’s possible that it’s just old. I have a new one I bought from the local school’s fundraiser down in the veggie garden. Will transplant that one up to the planter in the fall. I will MAKE time. An advantage to being a student teacher is that for a few of the weeks at the beginning of the year I am NOT the one in charge.

Other things of note: we have a LOT of figs on one tree, a few tiny ones on another, and nothing discernible on the third. The hazelnuts are almost ready, I am sure the squirrels will get them before I do, as usual. The pretty yellow wood rose that was by the pond is gone, but there are two very anemic-looking gladioli in evidence. I have one dahlia already blooming, and several plants managed to survive the long wet winter, so I am pleased. I very much hope that I will be able to lift them all in October and let them dry out over the winter for a change. Otherwise, I will need to just purchase a whole bunch of new ones (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

On a personal level…. I played in the back yard for a little while on Wednesday and Friday, running around a bit. AND went for an hour-long walk with Tom last night. I think my hip is back to (my) normal. And it is sooooo good to be mobile.

Tomorrow… I plan on a leisurely day, some garden, some berry jam making, and in the evening, going to a performance of The Sound of Music, at which the elder stidkid is playing in the orchestra pit. I am completely in vacation mode.

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