Garden in Winter, Heralds of Spring

The garden right now is in that stage between dormancy and exuberance. Here and there, small reminders that Winter is not forever, and Renewal lies around the corner. It has been a strangely dry winter, mostly mild despite the weeklong snow in January. Today, March 4, I took a few pics around the garden. Though […]

Garden Update

Okay, so I walked through the garden yesterday and today. ALL the plums are gone from the plum tree. All of them. I harvested two (of the several dozen that were there) a couple weeks ago, and now ALL of them have been eaten. Presumptive culprits: deer, raccoons, crows. I am not a happy camper. […]

Flower path (at the Parentals’ house)

Here is a gallery of pics from my parents’ place, showing the lovely path my father crafted on one side of the house. They have planted tulips and groundcovers, and added pavers to the path. Enjoy the gallery! Click the thumbnail to see the full-size image. Sorry they’re not better quality, cell phones only do […]

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