Sewing for School

This is a long time coming: Started July 2021 when I realized I wanted some very specific items to keep students at their desks (covid protocols will be in place for the foreseeable future due to the age of my students). It is now November 2022. I did NONE of these tasks. Some of them […]

Accessibility and Invisible Conditions: Musings on Making Life Work

[Started 22 June 2022, Finished 6 November 2022] It has been something like 40 years since I woke in the middle of the night as a teenager, in tears from the pain in my legs. Back then, the pain seemed localized to the knees, but when doctors looked there was no damage. “Growing pains” they […]

Summer finally begins for me

I was still recovering from the allergic reaction into the middle of the first week of July. Not fun. But had energy to have a nice dinner for my parents on Sunday the third, which of course wiped me out for the next couple of days. Then, on July 7 I had a chance to […]

A month later… Photos of the garden

In the fullness of autumn, we wandered around the yard, putting things more or less in order, getting ready for the long, cool winter. These are pictures from November, when the rains paused long enough to get a bit more done. Pruning the medlar and the biggest fig tree. Running around the yard with a […]

Autumn Begins: The Garden Matures

As Autumn begins in the Pacific Northwest there are certain things that we expect such as smoke from scattered wildfires and a gradual shift from the dark greens of the surrounding forest to a golden hue as willows and indian plum trees at the margins respond to the fading light. There are some things that, […]

The long slide into autumn

Last Sunday, it rained. The day was gray, humid to a point, and the overcast made everything seem bluer than normal. I worked on refinishing some picnic furniture, getting a coat of polyurethane on to help it make it through a few more years. As the day wore on, the clouds lowered, settling in near […]

Garden: A week of progress

Almost every day this week we made significant progress somewhere in the garden. Yesterday, it was finishing the flowerbed that defines the parking space in front of the house. It holds a variegated St. John’s Wort, a Japanese Maple (which appears to be dwarf), and a Witchhazel, along with a few flowers (glads and a […]

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