Review: Thoughts on Belonging through a Culture of Dignity

I have been participating in a study group over the summer on the text by Floyd Cobb and John Krownapple. I’ll update this post when the course is completely over, but here is what I wrote for the final chapter in the online LMS: I LOVED the PSSM (The Psychological Sense of School Membership, Goodenow […]

August 2018: Back to School?

The season of going back to school has begun again. Teachers plan and get their classrooms ready, families shop for school supplies and new clothes, and custodial and grounds crews work at breakneck pace to get everything safe and shiny.  Teachers eagerly anticipate returning to their hearts’ work, and wonder if last years’ students will […]

My classroom, and stidkid

Tom helped me set up anther computer for the room today. And I finished rearranging the tables. It is looking better, hopefully there are some good improvements in my technique as well. The last pic is of Mother and Grant with Tom in the background at the Solo and Ensemble day last weekend. He got […]

Fourth Graders

I spent the last two days with a class of fourth graders. First day: power flickered regularly for the first couple of hours, winds were strong and an announcement made AFTER students were in the building that teachers should have their walkie-talkies on standby in case the power went out… the kids were pretty on […]

New pages at

I have added two pages, both are in the sidebar to the right. Under "About" is a Page that reads My Online Resume. No surprise, but it has the basic text of the resume I walked in to a local district last week. I am going to add in some of the additional activities and […]

Nearly done…

with the student teaching for this quarter. So much still to do, but I am looking forward to being able to take a few weeks’ breather beginning the end of November. The students are working on completing their final projects — a formal assessment consisting of a paper and a presentation. I am taking time […]

Garden Update

Okay, so I walked through the garden yesterday and today. ALL the plums are gone from the plum tree. All of them. I harvested two (of the several dozen that were there) a couple weeks ago, and now ALL of them have been eaten. Presumptive culprits: deer, raccoons, crows. I am not a happy camper. […]

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