Who reads my writing? A few people, for sure. My mother (hello Mother!), some friends from Babble (hey Babblers!), and an occasional passerby who wanders here from another site (hi there!).

Whoever you are, or whatever your reason for coming here, I want you to know that I appreciate the time you spend! I know how many things there are that probably need attention (dishes, critters, gardens, work, research all come to mind) — we all have limited time and unlimited demands made on us.

Why do you read other people’s blogs? I know why I do. I make a connection with people this way. I write, they read (and sometimes respond). I read someone else’s work (and sometimes comment) and find that I am not so alone in my struggles as a parent, a writer, a person. I follow a link from a friend’s blog (like Robin’s) to another blog and discover that person also has their own hopes, dreams, struggles, achievements.

I think blogging may someday help lead us into a more peaceful world as we learn about each other from the comfort and safety of our own computers. Or perhaps reading people’s blogs lets us experience the best of the things they enjoy — art, music, poetry — expanding our horizons as we dip into someone else’s interests. And, maybe we get inspired to try something new of our own. Something to make the world a little prettier, safer, nicer or more comfortable. At least, I hope so.

And that’s why I am glad you stop by and read the ramblings of my posts.

So I will finish up (in honor of poetry month) with a little ditty I wrote just for today:

I set out the good china today,
and made a fresh pot of tea
with lemon and sugar in pretty silver bowls
waiting for you

I dusted the house
and swept off the rug by the door
thinking of things to talk about
waiting for you

I sat on the porch
with a book in my hand
and hummed a song while I read
waiting for you

I looked up
and there you were
all smiles and flowers
to visit a while.

one lump, or two?

One Interaction on “Reader Appreciation

  1. Once again you touch my spirit and heart. What a gift from God you are!


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