Friday night when I got home I noticed a pair of daffodils almost blooming by the edge of the driveway. Yesterday, they were in bloom, and today they have been joined by some of the daffodils under the medlar.

There have been several years when our weather was contrary to the weather in other parts of the country, this one seems more extreme for some reason. We have had “spring like” weather for the last two months. Back in the middle and eastern sections of North America, it is cold, with 2 monster storms since November, and moderate storms filling in the gaps. The hardship of last summer’s drought is now being matched by the hardship of this winter’s blizzards and extreme cold.

Meantime, my worries (which seem minor in comparison) are for the little frogs that sing in the woods and wetlands a month and a half out of time, for the trees and shrubs that are budding out early with no defense if we get a heavy late frost, and for the animals that have survived the winter in greater numbers that will have their food sources out of cycle with the needs of the babies.

I know that my moods are better in part because of the lovely sunlight we have been having, and because it has been dry enough that I can be outside some of the afternoons after I get home from teaching. Today I managed to get a small bit of gardening in (can’t work the soils too much yet, still wet from the winter rains), and checked the cold frames. Looking good!

Here are a few pictures, gallery-style of the yard today.

One Interaction on “March: in like a lamb… (for the Salish Sea)

  1. What a lovely entry. I caught up on the past month’s entries today. So happy you are keeping a record of your days. Not a book of hours but a book a days and sunshine. I loved shopping with you yesterday and wore a new sweater in the afternoon (the green one.) Talk to you later. Love.

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