April 7: Present-Joy

The prompt for today’s NaPoWriMo is based on a Tweet by Rachel McKibbens . Today I choose authenticity / revelation / no more clouded thoughts the bright, burning begins with a churning yearning THIS is the goal: to celebrate what is / not what is not / a double negative turns doubly positive a small […]

April 6: Possible, a day late…

The writing prompt for today asks poets to consider that which could be, IF…    As models, I looked at the suggested poems:  [Poem abut Naomi; Unsent] by Rachel Mennies and Daayan at Gold Streak River by Raena Shirali. That which is possible, / envisioned or ennobled / by hunches, intuition, wishes and guesses Revealed in the light after research / study of the facts / creating and manifesting in somnolence as […]

Poetry Month 2010 #29

I wrote this in haste, and scheduled for later publication. If I have time and energy, I will rethink it. But no promises… the baby stood uncertainly looked around from new heights and sat down suddenly the child walked admiring the sights learning more than books sleeping without fear sans lights the teen gave parents […]

Poetry Month 2010 # 24

I wrote this poem during an activity in my master’s program. Direction below. Triangulation (Jubilation) Thunder sings under earth Rainbow plays over lake I find myself in the middle We were presented with a “word bowl” and asked to randomly pull several words, then generate a poem using any or all of the words and […]

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