What I thought was an allergy…

seems to have turned into a virus. A head cold, actually. Not influenza. Which is good, because the flu knocked me back about three weeks winter quarter. But this is bad enough. Didn’t study at all yesterday, just sat around in bed mostly, playing computer games because I couldn’t concentrate well enough between coughs and […]

More pictures…

This shows the process I used to make this year’s “new year” card… the first good one always goes to my parents! Here is the lovely little fir at my parents’ house — these open trees show the ornaments off so well! And here is the elder stidkid trying out his grandfather’s cross-country skis for […]


Days like yesterday are the reason Life is worth living!    Unfortunately none of the pics of one of the kids turned out. Oh well, here are:  The Tacoma Art Museum (a couple of establishing shots, and one each of me, stidgmere and a stidkid with the blocks or prints we made yesterday) and the Glass […]

Something New

Today I took my child out of school early today, not for a doctor’s appointment, or a religious reason, not because he called home feeling ill. This was planned. We went to the Tacoma Glass Museum to watch Maestro Lino Tagliapietra in the hot shop. Now, some parents (and schools) are sticklers for attendance. ONLY […]

Taking a Break… when it’s a good thing

I realized this week that I haven’t had the energy or inspiration for “art” in several months.  My blog-babble friend, NRKII, is taking a break from her writer’s blog, and it made me take another look at my output and motivations. While I still have the desire to write, I have completely lost the ability […]

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