April 7: Present-Joy

The prompt for today’s NaPoWriMo is based on a Tweet by Rachel McKibbens . Today I choose authenticity / revelation / no more clouded thoughts the bright, burning begins with a churning yearning THIS is the goal: to celebrate what is / not what is not / a double negative turns doubly positive a small […]

April 6: Possible, a day late…

The writing prompt for today asks poets to consider that which could be, IF…    As models, I looked at the suggested poems:  [Poem abut Naomi; Unsent] by Rachel Mennies and Daayan at Gold Streak River by Raena Shirali. That which is possible, / envisioned or ennobled / by hunches, intuition, wishes and guesses Revealed in the light after research / study of the facts / creating and manifesting in somnolence as […]

Poetry Month: Mrs. S’s Challenge

This Spring, I will be teaching in a fifth-grade classroom! For poetry month, I am challenging myself to write one poem each day on a different geographical location — where I have not visited or lived. Which means I will need to do some cursory research (search engines, be warned!), and thinking. Thirty countries in […]

Poetry Redux

Tomorrow, I teach 130(ish) 8th graders a lesson on poetry, and will focus on tanka, a Japanese form similar to, but longer than, haiku. I will also review rhymed verse, and free verse. Students will be asked to write two poems, of which one will be tanka, and the other may be anything they choose. […]

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