Monday – Kitchen Counter

Today, at the end of the day, the elder stidkid and I decluttered one counter of the kitchen, washing and cleaning, and getting all the appliances on one surface, ready to use. The table was cleared off after as the large pots and such found their real homes… a little still needs to be sorted, […]

Autumn Arrives

The “first significant snow” in the mountains. A lot of rain down near Puget Sound. The leaves on the trees, that were so bright this past week, that covered the ground with a warm quilt of color, will soon turn brown and the light will filter through the bare branches. Except for the evergreens, which […]

PINK highlights and “starting point” pics

I decided to play with the look of the site a little, it had been over a year. More changes to come, but I thought I would see how I like the fuschia pink for titles and links. Here are a few pics of the house: the first three of the office, which you will […]

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