Blog Action Day — Poverty

Okay, I have posted a few links in the days leading up to today. As I was thinking about what to write, I decided to talk about what poverty is (and what it isn’t). And a little bit on abundance. This is my own perspective/opinion, if it helps you, great — if not… would love […]

Blog Action Day -2

I think I have linked to this site in the past, but it’s a good illustration of the spread and impact of poverty around the globe. It’s not just “over there” — it’s here, and there, and there, and there, and here…

Blog Action Day -3

Poverty is the theme of Blog Action Day this time. What is poverty? There are many definitions, a lack of money being only one of them. Here is wikipedia’s definition. Who around you lives in poverty? How would they define it?

Blog Action Day – 4

Four days to go. Here is CNN’s site that is devoted to helping people. I picked the page on Poverty to start, but there are many other topics linked to as well. Impact Your World

Blog Action Day — October 15

I have signed up to participate in the Blog Action Day. The theme is Poverty, not sure what I will write, but I’ll come up with something! The date of action is October 15 — that’s next Wednesday…

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