This is what I did Saturday morning, rallying for full funding for schools: smaller class sizes, basic cost of living increases to keep pace with inflation, more support overall for the teachers who care for our children.


Set an example for your children and students. Take part in your democracy. Peaceably assemble and petition your government to make it better.

Our children are our hearts, our future. They depend on us to stand up for them.

[Late edit to include a newslink]

It’s not much, and no one seems to care to really cover this issue, but the AP did release a short story that was picked up by local outlets: Teachers Rally in Olympia. Thanks to Derrick Nunnally for writing about this attempt to help people understand that our nation’s children are important to all of us!

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  1. Anne, I am so grateful you wrote… I think that MANY people care, but are for some reason waiting for others to speak up. It was time for me to stop being content with writing to legislators and others whose paycheck depends on politics, and show up. Maybe my voice is the one that will tip the scales. Maybe little nudges like this will encourage others to start writing and making phone calls, and … maybe not. It would be nice to see people turn out to vote for issues about education in the same numbers they turn out to vote about taxing cigarettes (for example).

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