blueberries from our yard

Something blue… blue skies, blue eyes, blue berries!

The picture above is of the bushes that have been heeled in “temporarily” for about 8 years. This year, they will be moved to their permanent position down below the garden, in an area that is low-lying and therefore boggy much of the year, but dry and warm in the summer when berries are ripening. One of the ways I show my love for our family is to grow yummy things.

One of the ways my darling Tom shows his love for his family is to cook yummy things. Bread (including wheat-free for me), pancakes, waffles, and other treats to delight our taste buds. One of his favorite ingredients for these sumptuous comestables is blueberries.

I love it when his passion for cooking and my passion for gardening work together so well!

I will close this post today with something that I think demonstrates why it really is ALL about love… This was taken 11 years ago, and shows the children completely zonked out on the older boy’s bed.

]the children asleep on a bed piled high with all their blankets and pillows

This post is my contribution to my friend Robin’s Blog Carnival supporting Freedom to Marry week.

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