Change at the Local Level and Beyond

New Superintendent of Public Schools has announced the changes to the obscene tests and testing process… End of WASLs is at hand! But not this year, of course — though the tests themselves will eventually be changed so as to better and more reliably reflect specific areas of understanding, and the process for scoring them […]

Next Steps

Well, after the partying is done and the confetti is swept up, after the last tourists have returned to their homes and life in D.C. resumes its normal frenetic pace, the president, his administration, congress and the people need to get on with life. The rest of us… we need to get on with life, […]

inauguration — expectation

After a full night’s sleep, out of alphabetical order, I know, here are my expectations for the new administration: Restore the rule of law and constitutionality to the administration. Rather than going their own way and thumbing their nose at the legality of their actions, I expect this administration to be scrupulous in both interpretation […]

inauguration — tradition

Some families have long-standing get-togethers: summer reunions at the shore, grandmother’s birthday bash, even game night every Thursday with pizza and friends. Some cultures are filled with holy days: Eid al Fitr, Yom Kippur, Easter, Dia de los Muertos. Some countries are full of pomp and circumstance. The Changing of the Guard outside Buckingham Palace, […]

inauguration day – inspiration

It’s not just adults who are interested and engaged in these times. Children are writing Letters to Obama Poetry and Slate Magazine invited its reading to craft aninvitational inauguration speech. and here is how Obama inspired someone overseas, writing in The Daily Telegraph.

inauguration day — anticipation

In fifteen hours, give or take, Barak Obama will be sworn in as President of the United States. The whole world waits with anticipation, some eager, some fearful. Many have expressed their ideas through speeches, editorials, marches. Though it is possible to directly send ideas to his “team,” I haven’t sent much. I just don’t […]

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