As I have the start of the flu (it seems) today, I am glad the blog carnival topic is some/thing borrowed.

I am going to borrow the idea of how people get along with each other. What about love? There are many types of love of course: friend-love, parent-child love, hormone-driven love, romantic love. Most people think about romantic love as the primary reason for marriage.

But I propose that romantic love is a minor part of being married. At least for long-term marriages. I think the more important love is an enduring, pragmatic sort. The one that allows us to be patient when our life partner is being unreasonable. The one that lets us clean up the mess when our life partner is too ill. The one that allows us to do “one more thing” in the evening so our life partner can finish a book, get to sleep early or work on a different project. The one that allows us to bend and change in order to maintain balance in this shared life that is being crafted.

This is the love that says, “I don’t mind if he wears my bathrobe down to the mailbox (pink daisies and all),” or, “As soon as she thinks about it she’ll know how silly that was,” and then forgets all about it and goes and gets the kids ready for school.

This is the love that borrows methods and ideas from every aspect of life in order to deal with whatever comes because no matter how annoying the person gets, we know we don’t want to live without them.

Love is the master at borrowing…

blog carnival
blog carnival

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