Another successful student orchestra concert is under our belts…

The children looked spectacular as usual, and sounded even better. Here is a clip of the Brass Choir, performing a short fanfare from “La Peri” by Paul Dukas, French composer of the early 20th century.

I am posting this a little ahead of YouTube’s processing curve. Tonight starts another round of class. Off to learn!

For comparison, here is a link to a professional group, performing the same fanfare in an Italian church.

2 Interactions on “Student Concert

  1. Yes, both are in the orchestra, though only the elder is in the brass choir you can hear in this clip. He is the trumpet on the far left of the picture. The younger boy plays the trombone in this orchestra and the school jazz band, but goes to Disneyland next week playing the tuba with the regular school band. The elder boy also plays the piano… Both sing (occasionally) as well. *proud mama look*

  2. Very nice performance. Are both boys in the orchestra? What are their instruments?

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