NaPoWriMo 2015.15

Wednesday, hump day the bumpity bump day the long day extends to night, tonight warm-up, tune-up sit up and play overture and prelude overture and waltz three-quarters on two and fractions (again) comparing tempo and dynamics like rhyme and accent music in words communicating through music watch the conductor watch the time and back again […]

Seasonal Song

Every December, Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia (SOGO) puts on a brass festival to showcase the talented young musicians in the organization. Brass instrument players from the Academy and Conservatory levels practice for several weeks, with a performance the next-to-last weekend before the winter break. We enjoy their performances, of course, and eagerly await this […]

Student Concert

Another successful student orchestra concert is under our belts… The children looked spectacular as usual, and sounded even better. Here is a clip of the Brass Choir, performing a short fanfare from “La Peri” by Paul Dukas, French composer of the early 20th century. I am posting this a little ahead of YouTube’s processing curve. […]

Picture of Me, video of the younger stidkid

This was the weekend of the school play. As usual, the younger stidkid participated, and as usual, he put his all into his part… And I dressed up. This is a new blouse, new skirt and little ankle boots worn first time for the occasion. Now if only the rest of the house looked as […]

Symphony Update

We went to a concert the evening of the last post… It was lovely. The pieces chosen were two Bach and Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” concerti. They fit together beautifully, and the soloists were remarkable. Most importantly, they seemed to have a great time playing for us. And the headliner came out after the finale to […]

We won’t renew our symphony season tickets —

— because they effectively closed off the third tier box seats by pricing them well out of our ability to pay, forcing us (and presumably others) onto the floor. Rather than being an elitist thing, this has to do with their refusal to accomodate my allergies. Specifically, the chemical sensitivities to things that most people […]

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