Already in the veggie garden, we have:

From starts (Black Lake Organic starts, our favorite local nursery/garden store):

Basil (one purple, one green, no name)
Calendula (two “citrus” type and two other)
Cucumbers (5, various types)
Dill (no name)
Parsley (flat, italian-style, no name)
Tomatoes (3 varieties, I think they are 2 yellow pear, a slicing tomato and 2 sauce type)
Squash (9 types, including some pumpkin, some patty-pan and winter squash)

Seeded (from Uprising Seeds, a new company to us, we’ll see how we like them):
Beets, “Bull’s Blood”
Carrots, “Scarlet Nantes”
Salad Greens, “Uprising Mesclun Mix”
Tomato, “Green Grape”

Seeds waiting for space:

Beans, “Kentucky Wonder” (Pole Beans)
Beans, “Broad Windsor” (Fava)
Onions, “Top Keeper” (overwintering storage, white)
Onions, “Winter White Bunching” (overwintering, scallion)
Peas, “Cascadia”
Peas, “Oregon Sugar Pod II”

In the rest of the yard, the asparagus has been declining rather a lot the last two years, the nectarine’s space is still empty, the strawberries and most everything else are hidden under tons (only a slight exaggeration) of grass and “lady’s bedstraw/cleavers” — and the figs look like they will have a nice yield in a few more weeks. We won’t have as many plums as I had hoped, but the apples are outdoing themselves this year! and the cherry tree is LOADED with fruit, we’ll see if I can get netting up in time to keep the crows off them.

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