Every year, some country, somewhere, invades another.  Every year, somewhere, a government acts against its citizens.  Every year, someone dies – or many people die – because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This year, after nearly two decades of increasing animosity, it seems that whatever was holding a fragile peace together frayed…  and broke apart.

This time, I have dear friends who are in the middle.

This time, more than my usual concern for the immediate region, I fear for the world as a whole…

Can our world handle the stress of border skirmishes between Russia and Georgia?  Will it stay contained?  Who will be drawn in, how much…  for how long?

What am I to do, with two young teens, just beginning to grow into their own?  How can I shield them — should I?  I know that many people face more uncertainty, and that right now there is nothing I need to do…  except wait, pray, hope.

For my friends, for their countries, for our world.

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