Out of Touch and Out of Time

The headline right now at CNN reads “Grim Bernanke Offers Grave Threats.” The premise is, apparently, that unless the Federal Government gives money — with no strings attached — to the companies that caused this whole economic mess the economy will take a huge downturn. Newsflash for Mr. Bernanke: The economy took a huge downturn […]

Letter to the Editor (unpublished)

This weekend, I wrote a letter to our community’s newspaper. They won’t publish anything unless they put the post office address address for the person, which can lead to unsolicited contacts from disturbed persons. Another stupid bureaucratic rule, administered by an automaton. We are somehow in the phone book — though our number was supposed […]

Books I am Reading

Many Children Left Behind Subtitled “How the No Child Left Behind Act is Damaging our Children and our Schools.”  by Deborah Meier et al.  This was published in 2004, but the comments by people from many aspects of the education world are still pretty current. If anything, they have more meaning as time has gone […]

Trying something new

This is an idea that some friends use in their garden. They stick rebar in the ground, then put electrical conduit over that. Zip-tie bird netting to the “posts” and it’s too scary for the deer.  Never mind that a sneeze can break the netting…  They touch it with their noses and won’t try to […]

Goal Organiser

I am putting the pictures in as thumbnails and in gallery form — click on the small pics to get the full-size views! Use your browser’s back button to come back. An acquaintance of mine (Kate Hudson – not the actress) developed this really cool program to help organize goals — with the ability to […]

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