Lolo, the blogger who writes VeganYumYum, was on the Martha Stewart Show today.

I am not really a fan of Martha Stewart, but I do love to read this blog! It’s inspiring and helpful to me as I try to come up with yummy, attractive things to feed my family.  It was great to see and hear one of my favorite cooks!   And no, she wasn’t using yarn and needles — exactly.

If you didn’t get to see the show in time, don’t despair, a clip of Lolo’s TV debut is at her site: here.

Now, in case you didn’t know, our family is not vegan.  Not even vegetarian.  We have a child who didn’t do well on a strictly animal-free diet. And, to be honest, the grandparents were not helpful when the children were little, being only too willing to take them to McD’s and other meat-and-grease-laden purveyors of comestables.  But, since he really does a lot better with meat in his life, we went ahead and made the adjustment for him.
But for me, I really do best on a vegan diet — or if I really want to break my rule, a few eggs or seafood.

Today, I am home feeling yucky.  A combination of things, I am sure, but I am also sure that it is partly my diet lately. Too many things with meat, too much wheat (not a real allergy, more my body prefers other grains) and sugar, too few good veggies.

So, I have refocused, drinking LOTS of water, and eating one banana and a mug of warm marmite broth. I also admit to a candy cane — the peppermint flavor really helped my tummy calm down. Trying to clear out my system a little without too much movement (a nasty multi-day headache that gets worse with motion) or too much prep time.

And while I recuperate, I am spending a little bit of time reading the food blogs I enjoy, considering my next culinary adventure!

Buon Appetito!

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