I wanted to put up a bunch of pictures, but I am not really into writing a long travelogue today. So, here are a few of the prettier and more memorable pics from the trip to Canada. Sorry about the blurriness in some… my camera lens had a smudge on it that wasn’t apparent until I uploaded the pics to the computer. *grumble*

I will load a little bit now (noon, Friday 11 July) and more later when I take a break from life again.

These are in roughly chronological order…


Stidkid and Stidgrandmere and a cast of several

Stidkid and Stidmama in a crowd

A pretty tree espalier at the governor\'s house

Sidney – I already posted a couple pics from this gathering:

Saying good-bye in Sidney

Salt Spring Island:

A part of Jillibus\' lovely english-style garden

A hummingbird in Jills garden

Jills living room and table set for guests

Stidkid, Mr Flo, stidgmere, flosey and Jillibus

mr flo and stidkid - buddies for life

a three point buck in jills back yard with stidkid not 20 ft away

Vancouver Island (Comox region), Filberg estate gardens:

The entrance to the Filberg Gardens

This doe walked within FEET of Mother!

the front of the chicken coop, 5 foot 8 inch kid for scale

the back of the chicken coop

a little store-house style outbuilding

the arbor the connects to the store-house

running along a path

the house the path runs past

the roofline at the back, the chimney used light and dark stones for a shadow effect

a photographer trying to get a photo of a moving target

the moving target, still for a split second

and the resident garden helper?

a view of the author

The ferry from Comox to Powell River and trip down to Saltery Bay:

Vancouver Is in the background

Where Powell River started

This totem at Powell River was quite tall

Amazing details

Notice the eyes

At Saltery Bay

Simple, but good and the company was excellent

Yet another ferry

The Iris Griffith Center at Ruby Lake:

The Welcoming Woman at the Iris Griffith Center

a better view, shows the weaving

The solar panel are mounted on a hootowl tower!

the way it was built

a 2000+ year old yellow cedar.  wow

the front door

Sechelt to Vancouver via Horseshoe Bay:

the ferry to horseshoe bay

Stanley Park:

they were guarding the restaurant

native style archway one

second native style arch

third native style arch

totems at stanley park 1

totems at stanley park 2

totems at stanley park 3

totems at stanley park 4

statue opposite the totems

plaque for statue

lunging for the finish line

stidkid and ducks

stidkid and grandmother

he didn\'t really fall in

pretty bird

the biggest stump the kid ever saw

The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel room and a sign along Granville Street on the way south:

kid enjoying the fancy hotel

the other corner of the room

interesting street banner

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