Seasonal Song

Every December, Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia (SOGO) puts on a brass festival to showcase the talented young musicians in the organization. Brass instrument players from the Academy and Conservatory levels practice for several weeks, with a performance the next-to-last weekend before the winter break. We enjoy their performances, of course, and eagerly await this […]

A quick review of the last month…

I found the camera! Here are a few pics of the last month, beginning with supper in Portland with my grandfather and his partner, and a family friend. Oh yes, Tom and the boys were there too! a couple videos of December concerts, (hope they came through okay): the older stidkid enjoys a new book […]

Celebrating the Green!

My Irish heritage is a big part of my identity (So is the German, Dutch and then less and less French, Welsh, English, Scots…). So Fáilte (which means Welcome) to you! I will post a few pics as the actual day for wearin’ o’ th’ green (why do we clip the ends of the words […]

inauguration — tradition

Some families have long-standing get-togethers: summer reunions at the shore, grandmother’s birthday bash, even game night every Thursday with pizza and friends. Some cultures are filled with holy days: Eid al Fitr, Yom Kippur, Easter, Dia de los Muertos. Some countries are full of pomp and circumstance. The Changing of the Guard outside Buckingham Palace, […]

Vacation in Victoria

Took the elder stidkid with me this past weekend to give him a chance to visit friends and see the sights of Victoria, British Columbia, in the winter. Unfortunately, the same snow that hit us hit them also. So we were unable to meet up with some of our friends. We did however get to […]

Solstice Greetings!

Our family tries to do something special for the solstice, and most years we manage something fun. Plans sometimes change, and this year due to the snow we won’t visit my parents. We’ll celebrate with them another day. Here’s what we are planning: Roast turkey, rice dressing and a fennel and potato side dish (inspired […]

More about the snow…

The drive into town was fine. The drive home…   well it was snowing.  Pretty steadily for about an hour while we were finished the shopping.  We figure it snowed 6 more inches from the time we left the house. A picture taken by the stidkid shows our estimate is pretty close. By the time we […]

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