Cross-post techdate and update

We had a truly unpleasant experience last night at our local Best Buy. Bear in mind that we have purchased computer equipment, a freezer, a television, many types of video games and other items there, and Tom gets fairly nice little rebates on the purchases because most of them are more than 50 dollars. We […]

The fun (and limitations) of technology

I will go ahead and post this to the stidmama at LiveJournal blog as well. So you can manipulate the pictures yourselves, I am going to load them as a gallery of thumbnails you can click on to see a bigger image. Use your back button to return here afterwards. This is Jupiter, with the […]

Goal Organiser

I am putting the pictures in as thumbnails and in gallery form — click on the small pics to get the full-size views! Use your browser’s back button to come back. An acquaintance of mine (Kate Hudson – not the actress) developed this really cool program to help organize goals — with the ability to […]

Guests at my “Table”

Starting July 1, there have been three unexpected, but not unwelcome “visitors” to my home and yard, and scores of “invited guests.” Sunday, there was this lovely fellow on my dining room floor… I put him briefly in our “critter box” a clear plastic holding pen designed for just such occasions, so the kids could […]

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