School Closures: Mar-Jul 2020

[I wrote this in March and July, but didn’t post it. I am posting it now… as we rapidly approach the end of August. I have more reflections, but will do those in a new post!] I am up early, the first Sunday of the official closure. We thought, last Sunday, that we would at […]

Remembered from a Blogspot post

A little poetry post from several years ago, led me to remember this website: The links on that page take you to a series of old poems with woodblock illustrations. And here is a repost of a post from my blogspot page in 2007: This poem by Eleanor Farjeon beautifully expresses how I feel. […]

Something Blue

There are many things that are blue (I am blue, thinking how late I am writing this, for example). Blue eyes were in the news that last couple of weeks — if you have blue eyes you are definitely a cousin of every other person with blue eyes! Though possibly a thousand generations removed… Blue […]

Something Borrowed

The theme today (Valentine’s Day in the United States) is something borrowed… The book I “borrowed” from a friend who has since passed on? The idea I “borrowed” (with permission of course) from my friend in fourth grade? She really drew the best people! The money we “borrowed” from our parents, truly intending to pay […]

Something OLD

This is a challenge from my friend Ping! (Robin) who also it seems feels sluggish about posting in her own blog. Had you noticed I hadn’t posted in a while? Her original post is at the OTHER mother. So, for the next few days, I have something specific to post about! Thanks Ping! you’re a […]

Forgetful? Or Just Lazy? You Decide!

As I was posting about my child and the pirate puzzle earlier today, I realized I didn’t post about our visit toward the end of June with Babbler Hetty and her darling husband, nor about the ATC card Babbler Atalante sent me last week! With apologies for such omissions, I plead summertime activity syndrome… and […]

Guests at my “Table”

Starting July 1, there have been three unexpected, but not unwelcome “visitors” to my home and yard, and scores of “invited guests.” Sunday, there was this lovely fellow on my dining room floor… I put him briefly in our “critter box” a clear plastic holding pen designed for just such occasions, so the kids could […]

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