Passages: L. G.

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I learned today that a dear friend, a phage biologist from Tbilisi, has passed on. Her lifetime’s work saved countless lives — thousands? hundreds of thousands? more?

Some passages have to come, and this did, but it doesn’t make it easier.

Random Musings on my Day

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is hard work.
It is better than the alternative?
The answer is: Yes, when you are there.

That curious moment in the day when the gray skies pick up the bright green of new life and suffuse creation with an immortal glow.

Success! The fledgling
finds his wings
and starts to fly.

What is better than a happy third grader?
TWENTY happy third graders!
It was a very good day for learning.

Poetry Month Day 30

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Poem #30

The hour/day/month
winding down slowly
spring having sprung

now all that remains

is love

Poetry Month Day 29

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Poem #29

Reading and Writing are

But thinking,
and dreaming,
and storytelling,
and listening?
As natural as breathing.

The connection
is audience.

Poetry Month Day 28

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Poem # 29

The end of the month is almost here
and still I am trying
to remember …

April showers.
Lilacs and lilies;
roses and raspberries;
apples and blackberries…

the flowers are already here!

Poetry Month Day 27

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Poem #27

A long day in third grade
beats any day dealing with politicians.

The exhaustion of a day coping
with the extreme problems
of a nine year old
is worth every moment
when the light shines
from the child’s eyes

Poetry Month Day 26

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Poem #26

The day that the salmon berries laugh with the trailing blackberry,
on that day I know Brigid has entered the grove.

The day that the lilacs and the viburnum drop petals near the pond,
on that day I know Brigid has entered the grove.

The day that the sword ferns and the licorice ferns adorn the forest,
on that day I know that Brigid has entered the grove.

Poetry Month Day 25

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Poem #25

If I should die before I wake
I trust the universe to make
sound disposition of my remains
upon which humanity has no claim

I will go on in other form
though neither hot nor cold nor warm

this atom gives power without fail,
this molecule the core of a snail
shell; the light of my eyes extends
limitless until time’s end

Grief will soon fade, illusions, too
but memories of joy continue for you

In life I loved beyond compare
with my best friend I chose to share
a home, full measure of jollity,
and going ahead, a family…

offspring: two, and prospects for future
additions to the lineage so genes endure

My friends around me gathered
we laughed, and cried, we dared
to dream, to work, and play
we improved the world every day

Yes, grieve if you must in the way you see fit
But sorrow not for me: I have enjoyed my share, and that’s the gist.

Poetry Month Day 24

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Poem #24

My immigrant ancestors
Emigrating from
Immigrating to

Fear, poverty, loss
Hope, prosperity, opportunity
Coming From
and Going To

The homeland, parents-cousins-siblings-lovers
The new land, strangers-all
With- or without-

Restlessness, Need
Religion, Politics
Romance, Curiosity

The lure of newly-available (1600s)
The call of freedom (1700s)
The marketing of industry (1800s)
Fleeing to and from… (1900s)

Great-great grandparents
great-great-great grandparents
great-great-great-great grandparents
great-great-great-great-great grandparents
and on, into the distance
time passes and those who are here-now
forget those who came-then

We are all, ultimately,
travelers in the great unknown.

Should we not show
a little kindness to the stranger?

Poetry Month Days 21, 22 and 23

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Poem # 21

Thursdays are often difficult to start,
the week drags on
morning dark and skies dreary
by noon the mood lightens
as if to say:
see, the week is nearly gone
and you have only
by night the dark returns

Poem # 22

Tanka: poem to show the links between / this world and the next the moment follows / another and the days grow bright then dim.

Poem #23

Purple loves the center
Blue hovering at the edge
Red suffused throughout
Brightly shines our memory
repeat the refrain:
“nothing compares 2 u”

Author’s note: My entire adult life the music of Prince was part of the background. Though not a “fan” of his often deliberately provocative work, I admired his musicianship and ability to place himself under scrutiny to stand up for what he believed in. His passing on Thursday has me considering my own mortality and my meager contributions to society.

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