Today in the Garden

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Veggies, Flowers, Places to Be…

Tom and I got a lot done this weekend.

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Today in the Garden

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Today we worked in the garden. I was ill yesterday, so didn’t get anything at all done.

But today, today we got a lot done!

The area by the little frogpond is now mostly weeded, and replanted with seven dahlias. Last weekend the area saw the lilacs pruned back (a little more today, and it opens up the space remarkably), and a few tubers I picked up at the Flower and Garden show in February. Hoping they all survived the extended “rest” and will survive the deer and slugs…

We also finished clearing and planted the small “rock garden” area that used to be out back. Found a lot more rocks that had been covered by the dozer, and now they are set aside for re-use. The four pink and white dahlias we put out there will look lovely against the darker greens and gray-browns of the woods. Overseeded with godetia and heliotrope, a riot of color and scent for late summer mornings.

Not much to show for the effort (yet), so no pictures, but expect an abundance of lovely blooms in July and August!

Hardly seems possible that it is already May. I am very glad that the school year has gone so well. Next year will be easier, and I anticipate having more energy to put toward the house and yard from now on.

Today in the garden, it was lovely.

NaPoWriMo 2015.30

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The end is in sight
by dark of night
a lone poet sits
to write.

A bit of doggerel
rhymes with mackerel
a poet dreams of
bits of shell.

A silly little rhyme
lacking meter or time
the poet muses, “Not

This was the last day for National Poetry Writing Month.

I wrote the equivalent of one poem a day, but as so often in my life I found I had to adjust my expectations. I wrote more some days, and not at all on others. Learning to be more moderate and realistic, letting go. I don’t like that I cannot go all out every day, but I do like being able to relax a bit and sit without having to be “productive” every moment.

I hope you will visit some of the sites of other poets who took part this year. There is a list at Enjoy!

NaPoWriMo 2015.29

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Clash of cymbals
and the second percussionist
relieves the first.

For once, all instruments are coming in on time.

The orchestra follows the now-steady beat
of the tom-tom, the bongo, the bass and the snare.

For once, all instruments (including the bass drum in the 120th measure)
are coming in on time.

NaPoWriMo 2015.28

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Frogs in the evening
sing of cool rains
and sunny skies.

Memories of tomorrow’s promises.

The tadpoles are getting bigger, and respond now when a shadow passes overhead. Naturally more aware, or have they now experienced loss? Do they know fear?

Do they know joy, as they rest on the slowly skeletonizing chestnut leaves?

Do they anticipate the changes, understand the twitching, itching — there, just under the skin — do they know that legs and toes are on the way?

Do they know?

Do they need to know?

NaPoWriMo 2015.27

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It’s down to the wire
and down for the count
ice pack on offended parts
and pride hitting the showers
— early.

Sometimes the only choice
is standing up again
staying in the ring
and making it through to the bell.

—By way of explanation, I twisted my ankle and went down in front of my students on Monday (not a true workplace injury, but an artifact of bad body mechanics). So this post comes late… Pride was hurt, and the ankle isn’t happy, but life goes on. And learning never ends. Perhaps the lesson my students needed wasn’t the best way to calculate sums, but the best way to get hurt and not pitch a fit. Asking for help from the students (carry this, ask the nurse for an ice pack) and from my colleagues (walking my students to the bus with theirs at the end of the day…) was a life lesson the kids can take with them, I think. I kept doing my job while letting other help me. Crutches, a bandage, and I am back in the game today!

NaPoWriMo 2015.26

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Today in the garden
the lilacs and the blackberry
that were running
away through the grass
were plucked and redirected.

Today in the garden
astrantia and rue
and sea holly found
their places by the tadpoles.

Today in the garden
the pile of debris rose
higher than the seats around the table
and the fresh-turned earth
welcomed the promise of wonderful things.

Today the garden

NaPoWriMo 2015.25

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Earthquake in Nepal
The end of the world
for some;
a reminder of priorities
for others.

Remember to spend time with the ones you love,
before it’s too late.

Donations to organizations that help in times of disasters are needed, now and every day. The International Red Cross is one that can help. You can Donate through the American Red Cross.

Standing up for Students

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This is what I did Saturday morning, rallying for full funding for schools: smaller class sizes, basic cost of living increases to keep pace with inflation, more support overall for the teachers who care for our children.


Set an example for your children and students. Take part in your democracy. Peaceably assemble and petition your government to make it better.

Our children are our hearts, our future. They depend on us to stand up for them.

[Late edit to include a newslink]

It’s not much, and no one seems to care to really cover this issue, but the AP did release a short story that was picked up by local outlets: Teachers Rally in Olympia. Thanks to Derrick Nunnally for writing about this attempt to help people understand that our nation’s children are important to all of us!

NaPoWriMo 2015.24

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Dear Grandmothers
and Grandfathers
who loved the land
and the people

who taught me to appreciate
the little things
the small garden
with stepping stones

who taught me to slow down
sometimes and just sit
enjoying the music
and the poetry in the moment

who opened up the world to me
to my brother
and then to my spouse and my children
teaching hospitality
while you modeled manners

I miss you
and on days like today

I wish you were here.

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