New Year 2016

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Still here, but not posting much. Here, in random order and with no attention to paragraphs, sentences or other quotidian writing tools, is a snapshot of life right now.

Life seems to have taken hold of me in different ways, and I spent most of the summer getting small things done. Teaching two years in a row in the same school and grade meant that most of my creative energy fell into research, review and thinking of what teach and how… only to throw most of it out once we were back to school. Oh well, next year I will waste less time in the summer! Love teaching, don’t love the high stakes testing… love my students and colleagues and administrators… and wish I had more energy. The house is slowly, slowly coming together, but still far from finished. I am enjoying having two adult children, with one away (and done with college now!) and one living at home while working and saving up for his future. Tom is still the same (wonderful) and we are having fun going to concerts at Benaroya again this year. For a treat, and because it’s now only the two of us going, we have sprung for second-tier boxes this year. And it is a treat… And in the summer we will enjoy some plays in Ashland again. We are low-maintenance people most of the time, so luxuries like this are extra-special. I don’t buy many clothes, books or other accoutrements (although I am managing to collect multiple instruments again!), so this is a fruitful way to make memories and spend our time together. More again at some point…

What we’ve been up to…

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Mostly going through boxes from the fire (two years ago), and boxes from the storage locker (almost a year). Watering — a LOT because of the intensely high, unseasonal heat (90s in the shade — the kind of weather that would be normal for about four days in August). Gardening — Tom has been getting the rest of the veggie garden dug out. Working in the classroom to sort and toss as needed (cannot finish organizing until the floors are done being shampooed).

And putting up a few more items that have been waiting for the right hardware, moment and place.

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Finished “Parking Bench”

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The little wall that Tom and Grant (mostly Tom) put together separates the paved/concrete parking space in front of the garage from the graveled space that can be used for parking but needs a bit of separation. So it’s a spot to put a few planters, sit on and just help define “public” from “private” uses.

I think it’s lovely…

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Today in the Garden

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Today we were in the garden. Until about 1:30 in the afternoon, we worked slowly and steadily.

And it is starting to show!

One of the planters by the front door is now blooming nicely.

Not sure what types of rock flowers (succulents of some sort) these are, but I love the daisy-like blooms.

Not sure what types of rock flowers (succulents of some sort) these are, but I love the daisy-like blooms.

Tom and Grant built a lovely bench for me out of the reclaimed cement blocks that used to prop up our old house. There are more of these blocks — look for future installations!

The bench, partially completed, showing how they stacked the

The bench, partially completed, showing how they stacked the

I pruned back the St. John’s Wort a little bit, after Tom spent some time yesterday clearing the weeds from around it so I could see what needed shaping. I got a little too close in a couple places and it touched my face and skin, so I will be uncomfortable. At least I know what causes the rash, and so I am not as worried as the first time I reacted to it. Still, it looks a lot nicer than before and since we are actually living here again it will be easier to keep it shaped and manageable.

I started to pull some of the weeds from between the pavers in the front patio. It’s a constant, thankless job, but necessary. I cleared about 30 assorted aster-relatives, dock, and forget-me-nots. And noticed got distracted by the lovely pattern the table makes on the pavers when the sun shines…

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Today in the Garden

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Finally, progress!

As I woke up earlier than normal, I had some time this morning to water the garden before I left for school. One week to go…

These are some of the sights that met my eyes on a Friday at 6:30 in early June.


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I am working to show my students that you should perservere with difficult tasks.  Practice more than once, take a break but return.  

I am just learning the drums, but…  Here is the most difficult piece I am playing tomorrow.  I took a video of my practice session to show the kids how many mistakes a new learner makes, and that it is OK to be less than perfect!

Not certain who said it first, but both my sons exited the Griffin-Capital band tradition with this mantra:  Practice Makes Better.  (note: link will open in a new window, with a youtube video)
Hope it is true for me, too!

Also worked in the garden, but…

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here is the main event from the weekend.

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Today in the Garden

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Veggies, Flowers, Places to Be…

Tom and I got a lot done this weekend.

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Today in the Garden

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Today we worked in the garden. I was ill yesterday, so didn’t get anything at all done.

But today, today we got a lot done!

The area by the little frogpond is now mostly weeded, and replanted with seven dahlias. Last weekend the area saw the lilacs pruned back (a little more today, and it opens up the space remarkably), and a few tubers I picked up at the Flower and Garden show in February. Hoping they all survived the extended “rest” and will survive the deer and slugs…

We also finished clearing and planted the small “rock garden” area that used to be out back. Found a lot more rocks that had been covered by the dozer, and now they are set aside for re-use. The four pink and white dahlias we put out there will look lovely against the darker greens and gray-browns of the woods. Overseeded with godetia and heliotrope, a riot of color and scent for late summer mornings.

Not much to show for the effort (yet), so no pictures, but expect an abundance of lovely blooms in July and August!

Hardly seems possible that it is already May. I am very glad that the school year has gone so well. Next year will be easier, and I anticipate having more energy to put toward the house and yard from now on.

Today in the garden, it was lovely.

NaPoWriMo 2015.30

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The end is in sight
by dark of night
a lone poet sits
to write.

A bit of doggerel
rhymes with mackerel
a poet dreams of
bits of shell.

A silly little rhyme
lacking meter or time
the poet muses, “Not

This was the last day for National Poetry Writing Month.

I wrote the equivalent of one poem a day, but as so often in my life I found I had to adjust my expectations. I wrote more some days, and not at all on others. Learning to be more moderate and realistic, letting go. I don’t like that I cannot go all out every day, but I do like being able to relax a bit and sit without having to be “productive” every moment.

I hope you will visit some of the sites of other poets who took part this year. There is a list at Enjoy!

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