What to do when you feel bad

Grammatically the title is incorrect. However, in the vernacular, it’s dead on. Since the meeting ended, and the classwork tapered off, I had expected to be able to channel my energy into getting my house and yard whipped into shape. Instead, the opposite happened. The migraine that began the last day of the meeting was […]

Almost Over…

The meeting is officially over as of yesterday evening. The actual lecture part was over the evening before that. The trip up the mountain was not what we expected. One of our five vans broke down, necessitating one driver and another person making unplanned trips back down with an extra load or to return with […]

What I haven’t been up to…

Since the end of spring quarter, I haven’t been working in the garden. I haven’t been playing my favorite online game for an hour a day, nor even a half hour on a consistent basis. I haven’t been reading books “just for fun.” I haven’t been visiting friends, making phone calls or catching up on […]

A trick question?

The elder stidkid made it home late Sunday night, from a three-week trip to Australia. While he was away, his best friend/penpal from Tbilisi came to visit, arriving a week before the stidkid came home. So the younger stidkid hosted our friend admirably for a week. Today, once the sleepy-head awoke (at two in the […]

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