Another Youssif update

Little Youssif is doing better and better. Here is today’s story from CNN: “No hurt,” the 5-year-old Iraqi boy says in English. “No hurt.” What a gift this child and his family are receiving — health, hope — a chance at happiness. If only all stories of hate were able to be resolved as well. […]

Yummy Vegan Knitting (reprise)

Lolo, the blogger who writes VeganYumYum, was on the Martha Stewart Show today. I am not really a fan of Martha Stewart, but I do love to read this blog! It’s inspiring and helpful to me as I try to come up with yummy, attractive things to feed my family.  It was great to see […]

Another Birthday, Another Millstone

 [Note:  this post is being written late and is subject to revision when I am coherent again…]  Here are three best friends at a birthday party.  They were pretty excited and happy, having just come from a movie and anticipating a pizza supper with cake for dessert.  I did have to remind them a couple […]

Something Blue

There are many things that are blue (I am blue, thinking how late I am writing this, for example). Blue eyes were in the news that last couple of weeks — if you have blue eyes you are definitely a cousin of every other person with blue eyes! Though possibly a thousand generations removed… Blue […]

Something Borrowed

The theme today (Valentine’s Day in the United States) is something borrowed… The book I “borrowed” from a friend who has since passed on? The idea I “borrowed” (with permission of course) from my friend in fourth grade? She really drew the best people! The money we “borrowed” from our parents, truly intending to pay […]

Something New

Today I took my child out of school early today, not for a doctor’s appointment, or a religious reason, not because he called home feeling ill. This was planned. We went to the Tacoma Glass Museum to watch Maestro Lino Tagliapietra in the hot shop. Now, some parents (and schools) are sticklers for attendance. ONLY […]

Something OLD

This is a challenge from my friend Ping! (Robin) who also it seems feels sluggish about posting in her own blog. Had you noticed I hadn’t posted in a while? Her original post is at the OTHER mother. So, for the next few days, I have something specific to post about! Thanks Ping! you’re a […]

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